Simple, Configurable & Secure

Multi-tenant scalable architecture

Clients get the best practices implemented in the system as well as client-specific configurations for informed decisions.

Easy implementation

The simple interface allows you to understand and interact with the system easily and our implementation team to swiftly ready it for you.

DIY Reporting

Track in real-time, we let you create your own format of reports anytime, anywhere so that you remain independent for operational efficiency.

Integration flexibility at the core

We can seamlessly integrate with your HCM, ERP, or any legacy systems saving your processing time.

Trusted environment (AWS)

We know your data needs to have the best security and we are committed to the same on a secure cloud platform.

Priority Customer Support

We are committed for a quick response to your questions or request, within 24 hrs. so that you always have clarity.

Compensation Management (Paymax)

Easy, Insightful & Comprehensive

A compensation management software, which controls the attrition of your performers due to compensation reasons and builds high-performance teams with the ability of budget control. Efficient compensation process by having data insights to make decisions, that impacts the cost and productivity of the employees.

Data Integration

Data can be directly integrated with current human resource systems. Format of current HR systems can be mapped for easy upload without working on the data format.

Compensation Planning

Any type of grid can be created for any population group within the entire organization. Multiple grids can be made in a few mins, for any selection of employees

Simulation Module

Real-time simulation can be done, data can be shown against budgets to review. Simulation can be done at any level basis filter criteria.

Analytics & Reporting

Key dashboards available for ready reference for C&B Leads and other leaders, giving you an accurate picture. Easily check for outliers among the employees to take the right employee compensation decisions.


Upload and use external benchmarking data for understanding where your employees are placed w.r.t. market for a fair compensation structure. Give deserving employees market correction to retain them.

Manager & Employee Access

Managers can view critical information of their team members for taking the right decisions along with budgets.
Employees can see key dashboards with historic data, revised salary structures & letters.

Compensation Management Software (Paymax)

This compensation management tool allows you to build compensation plans with differential increment rates for businesses/departments. This helps in better Talent Management by lowering attrition of top performers.

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Key Benefits

Follow a holistic compensation strategy for your businesses to control your budgets through actionable insights using this compensation management software.

Effort reduction by 80% from manual spreadsheets to automated process.

Reduce attrition due to compensation reasons.

Agile decision making with all types of data in one place.

Incentive Compensation Management / Bonus Management (Incentmax)

Transparent, Motivating & Quick

Improve your organization's performance measures by linking them to effective incentive plans, which motivate your sales teams/agents/employees for higher performance through transparency, accuracy, and agility.

Manager Access

Instant access to what your team is achieving and what they are getting.

View the employee incentive achievements and have better performance management on the leader boards, for the right interventions.

Multiple Parameter Creation

Create as many parameters / KPIs in your incentive programs to measure behaviour to be compensated. Combine them with differential rates to create as many incentive plans.

Employee Access

View how much money you lost by missing the individual or organizational goals. Many dashboards for your incentive achievement and performance review, which improves your focus.


Admins can simulate the incentive payouts basis differential rates and forecast accordingly. Employees can simulate their incentive compensation/sales commissions, which they will earn in the future.

DIY Reporting

Create any type of report on the go. No dependence on a third party to do it for you.

Territory & Vertical Management

Create territories and verticals for effective team/users management & performance management. Helps in effective segregation of business goals and achievements.

Incentive Compensation Software (Incentmax)

This Incentive Management Tool can manage sales compensation or employee bonuses and can improve employee/sales performance by linking objectives / KPIs to incentives.

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Key benefits

Improve Users / Sales Reps Motivation & Efficiency by transparent, agile, and innovative scheme management.

Improved performance and Efficiency.

Ahead of the market in effective scheme innovation.

Right behaviors compensated rightly.