Commission & Compensation Management Software

We enable organizations to maximize employee power which impacts business results using Commission/Incentive and Compensation technology.
Our first product, Incentmax, is dedicated sales incentive & performance management technology, which links business goals with employee variable payment or Incentives/commissions helping in an increase of 1-3% revenue.
Our second product, Paymax, is your compensation management software, which gives you the power to move your compensation strategy and policy from tedious spreadsheets to a simple, secure, and configurable cloud-based solution.

The benefit of using our products


Reduced time spent on commission & compensation process

Elimination of Payout Errors

Lesser Attrition of Top performers

Simple, Configurable & Secure

Multi tenant scalable architecture

Multi-tenant scalable architecture

Clients get the best practices implemented in the system as well as client-specific configurations for informed decisions in a single platform.
Multi tenant scalable architecture

Easy implementation

The simple interface in our centralized platform allows you to understand and interact with the system easily and our implementation team to swiftly ready it for you.
Multi tenant scalable architecture

DIY Reporting

Performance management with real-time visibility, we let you create your own format of reports anytime, anywhere so that you remain independent for operational efficiency.
Multi tenant scalable architecture

Integration flexibility at the core

We can seamlessly integrate with your HCM, ERP, or any legacy systems saving your processing time.
Multi tenant scalable architecture

Trusted environment (AWS)

We know your data needs to have the best security. We are hosted on Amazon Web Services, US & India.
Multi tenant scalable architecture

Priority Customer Support

We are committed for a quick response to your questions or request, within 24 hrs. so that you always have clarity.

Sales Incentive & Performance Management Technology (Incentmax)

Improve Sales reps motivation & performance by agile and innovative Sales performance management solution. This Sales Commission software improves sales representatives motivation and decision-making agility of sales managers through transparent real-time data.

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Compensation Management (Paymax)

Follow and manage a holistic compensation plan/strategy for your businesses and control your budgets through actionable insights. This Cloud-based compensation management solution helps to reduce attrition due to employee compensation reasons through compliant and on-time access to information for actions.

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