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In this modern post pandemic world, which is digitally driven, two key concepts have become increasingly important to all of us: Adaptability and Flexibility. We are proud of the ways in which our Sales Performance Management (SPM) technology is helping our clients navigate the difficulties of the markets and talent by increasing their ability to adapt and be flexible.

Every organization is facing three significant problems:

  • How to improve the motivation/productivity of employees?
  • How to be more agile than the competition?
  • How to retain top performers?

Our proprietary Automated Commission Management Technology solves the above by automating the end-to-end commission management process and provides support to sales reps through real-time data insights.

It also supports central or admin teams in aligning commission plans and policies with the organization’s business goals which results in better use of manpower and improved business results.

We understand that choosing a business partner is not just about technology but also about sharing the same values and goals.

At Atmax Technologies, we are not just a vendor but a true business partner to our clients. We empower organisations to achieve their business objectives by maximising the power of sales organisation through our technology.

We constantly strive to be the champions of customer success and constantly enhance our products to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

We look forward to enabling you to Optimise Sales Performance to Maximise Revenue.

Warm regards,

Varun Gupta

SPM Tech Helps Maximise Revenue

New-Age Business Scenario

The days when a business could command a monopoly by easily influencing a buyer’s decision with a persuasive advertisement or an intriguing sales rep pitch are long gone. Today, prospects are approached by multiple competitors.

This change has led to a need for salespersons to become more innovative & convincing in their approach. And this approach needs the right performance tracking at the right time.

Sales Performance Management (SPM) technology allows businesses to track and analyze the sales performance data to incentivize in the right way at the right time.

Transparency Is The Need Of The Hour

We live in a world where everyone expects and asks for transparency. Whether it is about where your food delivery person is or where your rented cab has reached.

The same goes for your sales reps and customer-facing team members who are on incentives. Nothing motivates them more than having a transparent view of their progress and earnings.

Today’s sales professionals expect more from their employers, including access to data and analytics, real-time performance feedback, and opportunities for growth and development. This can be achieved via incentive and Sales Performance Management (SPM) technology.

Keeping Up With Post-COVID Era

‍Businesses are forced to make significant changes to keep up with the post-COVID era and at the same time need to hit the sales targets consistently.

What often gets overlooked is your incentive/commission models that can drive sales teams to sell effectively and continuously. Incentive and Sales Performance Management (SPM) technology helps businesses identify and capitalize on opportunities. This can be achieved by using data analytics to track and analyze sales performance, and to make informed decisions that drive growth and profitability.

All Professionals Benefit


Our AWS-hosted technology empowers your central teams with 100 percent automation from data integration & data transformation to payout files while creating innovative commission plans.

Sales, Distributors and Business Partners

Our Technology equips real-time visibility of data insights to the team members, giving complete transparency on KPIs and commissions along with nudges to perform better.

Managers &

Our platform informs leaders about Sales & Customer facing team members' behavior & performance, helping them in data-driven decision making.


Experienced Leaders With A Passion For Driving Business Results For Organisations

Varun Gupta


Varun has about two decades of experience creating business solutions for clients of all sizes, and believes in providing true value to customers.

Santosh Prabhakar


Santosh has almost two decades of experience managing products in SaaS, and loves to build products that help solve complex problems.

Amandeep Singh Minhas


Aman has over two decades of experience across Tech Solutions and Delivery, and is passionate about helping customers succeed.

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