About Us


CEOs/CXOs in any organization face 3 major problems:

How to improve motivation / productivity of employees?

How to be more agile than competition?

How to retain top performers?

Our products solve the above problems for business leaders and businesses.

Employee Incentives are the biggest binding thread between Employees and Employer. Any change in Incentive pay changes the employee behavior & hence results.

Our Mission

To enable organizations to maximize employee power which significantly and positively impacts business results using Sales Incentive & Performance Management Technology.

Our Vision

We will be the product of choice for organizations to strategize their employee incentives and to have an edge in the market.

Our Co-Founding Team

Passionate people working hard to
drive business results for customers

Varun Gupta

Varun Gupta

Varun is MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur and has decade of experience in creating business solutions for hundreds of clients. Varun is CEO and believes in providing true value to customers.

Santosh Prabhakar

Santosh Prabhakar

Santosh is an Engineer and has decade of experience of product management in SaaS solutions. Santosh is Chief Product Officer and loves building robust & holistic products.

Amandeep Singh Minhas

Amandeep Singh Minhas

Aman has almost two decades of experience across Tech Solutions & Implementations. Aman heads Client Operations and is passionate about delivering maximum ROI to customers.

Employee Testimonials

Multi tenant scalable architecture

Nishant Kumar

I love implementing exciting marketing ideas & being able to do so with a Sales & revenue-driven product like Atmax's Sales Commission software which provides maximum ROI to users, is thrilling. In addition, my colleagues' support is nothing like I have experienced before.

Priya Varshney

Within weeks after I had joined Atmax, I was entrusted with opportunities. I am passionate about designing tech products, and here I am, working on Atmax's Sales Commission Software and Compensation Management Software, which drives maximum client value.
DIY reporting

Sivaram Sobha

Since I set foot into Atmax, I've had numerous opportunities to learn new things and display my potential. Here, in a client-focused enviorment, the opportunity to grow as a professional is tremendous, with amazing support from colleagues & leaders.
DIY reporting

Neetu Chawla

I was taking a work gap of a couple of years before moving to Atmax. There was a bit of anxiety to work, but realizing that very capable & experienced people surround me at Atmax laid all my concerns to rest. I am happy to be working with Atmax, where our clients are our priority.

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