Easy, Insightful & Comprehensive

Paymax gives you the power to run your compensation strategy from excel sheets to
Simple, Secure, and Configurable cloud product.!

Data Integration

Data can be directly integrated with current HR systems.
Format of current HR systems can be mapped for easy upload without working on the data format

Compensation Planning

Any type of Grid can be created for any population group.
Multiple grids can be made in a few mins for any selection of employees.

Simulation Module

Real-time simulation can be done, and data shown against budgets.
Simulation can be done at any level basis filter criteria.

Analytics & Reporting

Key dashboards available for ready reference for C&B Leads and other leaders.
Easily check for outliers among the employees to take right compensation decisions


Upload and use external benchmarking data for understanding where your employees are placed w.r.t. market.
Give deserving employees market correction to retain them.

Manager & Employee Access

Managers can view critical information of their team members for taking the right decisions along with budgets.
Employees can see key dashboards with historic data, revised salary structures & letters

Compensation Management (Paymax)

Control attrition of your performers due to compensation reasons and build high-performance teams within budgets. Get data insights to make decisions that impact the cost and productivity of the employees.

Key Benefits

Follow a holistic compensation strategy to control your budgets through actionable insights.

Effort reduction by 80% from manual to automated process.

Reduce attrition due to compensation reasons.

Agile decision making with all types of data in one place.