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How Can the Insurance Sector Motivate Sales Agents?

As part of the insurance sector, agents whose sell policies face many challenges. Many insurance companies provide various benefits to their sales agents, such as bonuses, training, and incentives, but the effectiveness of these programs has never been well evaluated. What should insurance agencies do to motivate their sales agents?

How Can Pharma Companies Improve Sales Excellence?

Drug manufacturers and distributors must look beyond traditional distribution channels to find new revenue streams. At the same time, healthcare organizations want to reduce costs and grow profit margins. These challenges must be addressed to attract and retain qualified sales representatives and drive sales excellence.


10 Things to know before drafting your next incentive plan.

The C-suite executives in every organization are looking for innovative ways to engage and motivate their sales team. This ebook talks about the 10 most critical things that should be kept in mind while designing and executing Commission/Incentive plans efficiently. 

Process automation

Automating Sales Compensation

Today, Sales Commission/Incentives work as the number one strategy against attrition and retaining the best employees. This E-book talks about, how automation can bring speed and rigour to your Sales Incentive process? 

Process automation

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