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FAQs | Read Most Frequent Questions

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Frequent Questions

We know you would really like to know more about us. So we are providing answers to the most frequently asked questions below. Feel free to reach out to us in case you have any queries. We can assure you that you will love our product.

  • Where will the data be hosted?

    Data will be hosted on Amazon Web Services data centers available in different geographies. AWS is one of the most secure data center companies in the world.

  • Who all will have access to the system?

    Each stakeholder who is part of the process will have access to the product. This includes employees/reps, managers, and admin teams.

  • Is the data safe which we may upload/add?

    Data transfer from application to AWS data servers happens via SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption – the strongest in the world. Therefore, data at transit is fully secure.

  • Do we need to sign in to the system separately each time when we need access?

    We can do a Single Sign-On with any current application which your team might be using. This means you need not log in twice for our software.

  • How long does the implementation of the product take?

    The implementation of the standard product takes 2-3 months depending on the complexity of commission or compensation policy. If any customizations are required then these customizations may take some additional time which we communicate upfront.

  • Would you help us to configure our commission/compensation policies in the system?

    Yes, we will help you in configuring the policies in the system during implementation and we will also help you run it the first time. We believe that the more we can help our customers to use the system to get maximum benefit, the better it is for us as then only we provide the maximum value to you.

  • How easy/user-friendly is the interface? Does it require any training?

    The end-user interface is very much dashboard-oriented and user-friendly. It does not need any formal training sessions for end-users. We have detailed training sessions for Admin teams to run the software.

  • What happens if we require any support after implementation?

    There is a structured Application Support Process that we commit to in writing. You need not worry about support as our customers are always a priority for us. You will also be assigned an Account Manager for anything you would need to talk about.

  • How is the pricing of the product structured?

    The pricing of the product is divided into two parts. The first is one-time implementation fees basis the complexity of setting up and the second is recurring license fees basis the number of users.

  • Do we need to pay for additional enhancements in features that might be added in the future?

    No, you need not pay anything for any enhancements in the features already signed up for. This is a fully cloud offering and you do not pay anything extra like hosting, maintenance charges, etc. separately from whatever we have agreed upon.