Transparent, Motivating & Quick

Use one of Asia’s first dedicated Incentive Management tool to link your organization’s
success parameters with employee variable pay or commissions.

Manager Access

Check what your team is achieving and what they are getting.

View the leaderboards for right interventions.

Multiple Parameter Creation

Create as many parameters to measure behavior to be compensated.
Combine them to create as many incentive plans.

Employee Access

View how much money you lost by missing the targets.
Many dashboards to improve your focus.


Admins can simulate the payouts and forecast accordingly.
Employees can simulate what they will earn in future.

DIY Reporting

Create any type of report on the go.
No dependence on third party to enable reports for your use.

Territory & Vertical Management

Create territories and verticals for effective team management.
Helps in effective segregation of targets and achievements.

Incentive / Bonus Management (Incentmax)

Improve your organization success parameters by linking them to effective incentive plans which motivate your sales teams/agents/employees through transparency, accuracy and agility. 

Key benefits

Improve Sales Motivation & Efficiency by transparent, agile, and
innovative scheme management.

Improved performance and Efficiency.

Ahead of market in effective scheme innovation.

Right behaviours compensated rightly.