Transparent, Motivating & Quick

This Incentive compensation management software is one of Asia's first dedicated sales incentive compensation tool, which links your organization's success parameters with employee variable payment or commissions.

Manager Access

Managers can check which goals their team is achieving and the payment/sales commissions they are getting in return.

Managers can also view leader boards in real-time for the right interventions and zero error. Have access to the sales performance of the team without using any spreadsheets.

Multiple Parameter Creation

Admins can create as many objectives/parameters to measure the behavior of employees/sales reps who need to be compensated. Combine them to create as many incentive plans as per the requirements through various rates and factors. Manage your performance measures / KPIs in this incentive tool with various rates, pay-out scales for optimum effectiveness of your incentive compensation programs.

Employee Access

Employee/sales reps can view the dashboards & find how much money they lost by missing out on their goals. This Incentive Management software provides dashboards with real-time actionable insights available to increase workers' focus. View applicable Incentive Compensation Program along with various rates/factors.


Admins or HR/sales leaders can simulate the payouts and do "what-if analysis" rather than asking for spreadsheets. Workers can simulate and learn what will be their payment in the future. This Incentive Tool gives salespeople or power users real-time data view to drive performance-based culture while moving away from spreadsheets.

DIY Reporting

Create any type of report on the go using Incentmax systems for accurate business insights. No dependence on a third party to enable reports for your management solutions. Get real-time data on incentive compensation programs, rates, and payments.

Territory & Vertical Management

Create territories and verticals for effective incentive compensation programs along with hierarchy management. Helps in the segregation of the revenue targets and achievements inside your incentive schemes. Manage complex sales formula in the system along with hierarchy for managing incentive compensation programs.

Incentive / Bonus Management (Incentmax)

This sales commission software improves your organization's sales effectiveness by linking performance levels to effective incentive plans which motivate your sales teams/agents/employees through transparency which increases trust, accuracy, and agility. Together they result in positive psychology of your users/salespeople.
Sales organization has an easy view of sales incentives.

Key Benefits

This cost-effective incentive tool improves sales performance & efficiency by transparent, agile, and innovative scheme management.

Improves sales performance of users and efficiency in reaching sales targets, while reducing human error.

Ahead of the market in effective scheme innovation, resulting in better business growth.

The right behaviors of your hardworking sales teams are compensated rightly via access to innovative incentive programs.