With 20 years of HR / Sales Technology industry experience, we saw a huge gap in the enterprise software market where entire HR and Sales functions have been automated but compensation/incentives are still majorly done on excel sheets or custom tools.

Compensation and Incentives are one of the most data-driven processes and are one of the most critical processes to address attrition & improve performance. It cannot be hence just left to manual processes in case organizations want to become smarter in retaining the right people and giving the right pay to the right employee.

As employee benefits bills are around 10%-40% of organizations’ revenues depending on the industry, it is still a major part of overall expenses for any organization. There is a need to see how Employee benefit bills can be made smarter.

Therefore, our mission is to make employee budgets smarter for organizations, departments, and teams having a positive impact on the top line and bottom line for any organization. And revolutionize pay for performance.