Seamless Integrations

Effortless Single Sign On

Open ID

Sales reps often face complex, time-consuming logins across multiple systems, leading to frustration and security risks. This can cause dissatisfaction, reduced usage, and data security risks.

Imagine swift and secure logins, with seamless integration across all systems. This streamlined access enhances satisfaction and strengthens security.

Our solution offers Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, allowing users to log in through their existing systems. This simplifies the process, ensures data security, and enhances user satisfaction.

Seamless Sales Data Integration


Integrating sales data into other systems often results in time-consuming manual updates, inaccuracies, complex data management, and inconsistent commission data.

Imagine a solution automating updates for accurate sales data management, simplifying integration, and ensuring reliable commission calculations with enhanced transparency.

With our solution, easily connect to your CRM or HRMS with just a few clicks. Your sales data updates automatically, so you don't have to refresh it manually.

Raw Data Transformation​

Raw Data Transformation​

Massaging (pre-processing) raw data requires a lot of spreadsheet-work and a huge amount of manual effort, which is both time-consuming and person-dependent. All that manual effort results in delayed readiness of summary data, leading to delayed and often inaccurate payouts of commissions..

Don't you wish there was a way to automate all of it? There is!

Atmax automates the painful process of scrubbing transaction-specific raw data to employee-specific summary data and ensures that your Central Ops / Admin teams can focus on delivering more value whilst Atmax takes care of Data Transformation. We understand your organisation's unique set of business logics and ensure that the transformation aligns with your specific requirements.


Gather raw data from various data sources in a matter of minutes. No need for someone to extract data from each source one-by-one.


Automatically convert raw data using Filtering, Merging, Mapping, and any of your business logics into summary data. Ditch those spreadsheets.


Multiple Commission plans, each aligned with a specific Territory or Group of users, are often required to ensure the Right Motivation for the Right Team. Easily manage such segregations using Atmax.

Raw Data

Strategic Territory Planning & Employee Grouping

Territory Planning

Strategic Territory Planning & Employee Grouping

The commission admin team struggles with inconsistent calculations due to unclear structures, making payouts hard to manage and scale.

Imagine a world with clear commission structures that ensure precise calculations and timely payouts.

Our solution tailors commission plans to specific territories or groups, ensuring timely and accurate payouts for sales teams, boosting efficiency and morale.

Enhanced Quota Management

Commission management often struggles with time-consuming quota distribution, complex onboarding, and rigid adjustments.

Imagine a system where quota management is effortless, with timely adjustments matching market conditions and company performance.

Our solution efficiently distributes quotas to reps, simplifies onboarding with ramp-adjusted targets, and allows flexible adjustments aligned with performance metrics and business conditions.

Accurate Payout Predictions

Accurate Payout Predictions

Sales reps often struggle to plan effectively due to uncertainty about future commission earnings, making it hard to optimize sales tactics.

Imagine a world where sales reps have clear, transparent views of their potential commissions, enabling confident planning and strategizing.

Atmax’s forecasting solution lets reps simulate 'What If' scenarios to see earnings impacts, improving decision-making and performance.

Actionable Sales Performance Insights

Actionable Sales Performance Insights

Many Sales managers often lack visibility into reps' performance, This leads to error-prone shadow accounting and mistrust.

Imagine managers with performance insights across teams, territories, roles, products, and commission plans, eliminating unreliable shadow accounting.

Our solution provides managers with analytics to analyze reps performance and commissions, promoting accountability and optimizing sales strategies.

Detailed Commission Statements

Detailed Commission Statements

Often limited commission statement access causes sales reps uncertainty and reduces trust, as they can't see the link between their efforts and payouts.

Imagine every sales rep having clear visibility into their commissions with detailed statements that link sales activities to payouts.

After implementing our solution, sales reps get detailed commission statements and can track their quota attainment. This builds trust and empower better performance.

On-demand Performance Nudges

On-demand Performance Nudges

Sales teams often struggle with infrequent performance updates. This leads to decreased engagement and missed sales opportunities.

Imagine sales reps receiving on-demand performance nudges on commissions, quotas, and payouts.

With our solution, sales reps receive periodic nudges for instant performance insights. This helps them stay on target and aligned with business goals.

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