Seamless Integrations

Single Sign-On (SSO)

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Users will be able to access Atmax from within your existing App or Portal.


No need to remember additional URLs, usernames and passwords


Security standards maintained per your standards by your App or Portal admin

Data Integration



Atmax connects directly with all your source systems like CRM etc to ensure all required data is available as and when required. No manual extraction and upload required.

Single Version of The Truth

No multiple lists of users to manage. Atmax will connect seamlessly with your HRMS etc and stay aligned for your Users List.


No need to download Excel reports. Automatically handover Payouts and other data to your Finance or Payroll systems, for timely payouts.

Raw Data Transformation​

Raw Data Transformation​

Massaging (pre-processing) raw data requires a lot of spreadsheet-work and a huge amount of manual effort, which is both time-consuming and person-dependent. All that manual effort results in delayed readiness of summary data, leading to delayed and often inaccurate payouts of incentives.

Don't you wish there was a way to automate all of it? There is!

Atmax automates the painful process of scrubbing transaction-specific raw data to employee-specific summary data and ensures that your Central Ops / Admin teams can focus on delivering more value whilst Atmax takes care of Data Transformation. We understand your organisation's unique set of business logics and ensure that the transformation aligns with your specific requirements.


Gather raw data from various data sources in a matter of minutes. No need for someone to extract data from each source one-by-one.


Automatically convert raw data using Filtering, Merging, Mapping, and any of your business logics into summary data. Ditch those spreadsheets.


Multiple Commission plans, each aligned with a specific Territory or Group of users, are often required to ensure the Right Motivation for the Right Team. Easily manage such segregations using Atmax.

Raw Data

Territory Planning & Employee Grouping

Territory Planning

Territory Planning & Employee Grouping

Multiple commission plans, each aligned with a specific Territory or Group of users, are often required to ensure the Right Motivation for the Right Team. Easily manage such segregations using Atmax.


Setup rules to automatically group users based on Region, Department, Designation, Role etc.


Assign different commission plans to different groups of users.


No need to wait for data for all groups to be available before generating payouts for one group.

KPI Management & Payout Calculations

Comprehensive KPI Management

The best commission/bonus plans are driven by multiple KPIs. Atmax enables Comprehensive KPI Management for your Admins.

Setup Complex

Configure as many KPIs as required and enable slabbing for outputs. Even 3-D grids are supported, where two conditions need to be met for an output.


Setup policies and use sample data to project payouts. Accurately budget your expenses even before you launch new policies.

Change on
the go

Use the No Code Solution to easily and quickly change / update any policy. DIY is our mantra.

Frictionless and Efficient System
Frictionless and Efficient System

Your Admins can move on from manual, time-consuming and error-prone spreadsheet-based calculations to a frictionless and efficient system.​


Setup the most complex of formulae, just like you can in your favourite spreadsheet tool, to automate calculations.


Calculate at the click of a button. You can even set up for 100% Automated so that you don't even need a click.


100% error-free every time. The calculations will always be as accurate as the data provided. Forget inaccuracy due to corrupt spreadsheet files or due to manual errors.

Forecast Your Commission

Forecast Your Commission

Atmax empowers your Sales Teams to not only Track and Compare performance but also to forecast possible earnings using What If Scenarios.


Users push themselves to do more when they can see how much more they can earn with a little more effort.


With the Quota for various KPIs always easily visible, users know what to do when.


Users can even retrospectively calculate what they could have earned had they performed better.

Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights

Take the right decisions powered by insightful analytics.


Performance of revenue teams can be monitored on an incremental basis. No need to waste time in shadow accounting.


Users can see how they perform compared to their peers. Healthy competition helps achieve more.


Managers can view trends and work with their teams to help them do better. Data is the fuel for effective feedback.

Automated Statements

Automated Statements

Self-service for instant and on-demand commission statements

1-click access

No need to write an email to anyone to request commission statements. Users can generate them at the click of a button.

Always available

Statements are available when the users need them.



PDFs can be easily downloaded. Users can store and share the statements as required.



Nudges have been proven to change behaviours in the right direction.


Users are kept up to date with progress made and gap remaining, like they have their own virtual assistant.


Users always know how much time is left to achieve the quota so that the right efforts can be put.


Attainment of key milestones are promptly reported to help celebrate the small wins, driving users to hit the quotas.

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